The Colin Kaepernick Contorversey - My Two Cents

I'm not going to go too in depth here as I don't think Colin Kaepernick is worth that much of my time. I just want to make a few points.

First is that Colin Kaepernick has every right under our First Amendment to say what he wants and protest as he wishes. Apparently the NFL has no problem with his sit down protest, it's not against their rules, and it sounds like the SF 49er's are OK with it as well. They issued a statement saying so. Also, Kaepernick is not alone in his feelings. Lots of other (mainly Black) NFL players have come out in support of him.

That all said, I personally think Colin Kaepernick is an ignoramus and a world class asshole. His whole protest is based on a false premise, the widely discredited assumption that the police forces in America are full of overtly racist officers who are hunting down young Black men in the streets and assassinating them with impunity. This is absolute nonsense that has been repeated so often by the media and Black community leaders that a large number of the Black (and white) community believe it to be true. Colin Kaepernick is possibly stupid, but definitely ignorant if he believes it.

As for his choice to protest over what he believes, as I said, he definitely has that right. But the choices we make have consequences. By protesting in the manner he has chosen and the anti patriotic statements he has made, he has insulted a large portion of the population. He seems to know this and simply does not care.

In my opinion, I think the answer is simple. If Kaepernick has offended you, take action by not supporting him. Don't go to 49er's games as long as he is on the team. Don't buy 49er's merchandise. Don't patronize anyone who sponsors him. He will go away and fade into oblivion soon enough. He's a sub par quarterback who the 49er's couldn't even trade off over the summer. He's simply not worth any more time or media attention.

Colin Kaepernick and his adopted parents
Colin Kaepernick and his adopted parents
Just one more personal note- Colin Kaepernick is mixed race. His biological mother is white and his father is black. His father just split before he was born like too many Black men do after they father a child. His mother gave him up for adoption as she was only 19 at the time. He was adopted into a middle class white family ad raised in a loving home among whites in white neighborhoods and white schools. He's taken those opportunities and made himself millions. Now Colin talks about 'his people' and 'The Struggle'. He rails against the injustices against Black people 'like him'. He is a disrespectful hypocrite- a self absorbed man-child not deserving of a fraction of the attention he's getting.


It's The Small Things That Bug Me

It's not only the big things, the events that make national news, or the larger social issues that piss me off, it's the hundreds of little insignificant things that most people can let go that really bug me. So I think I'll start a new series of posts about them.

I hate the term "Pet Peeves", so I think I'll just call the series "It's The Little Things".

I'll kick it off here with something I'm seeing more and more- Guys wearing baseball caps with their ears tucked in under the cap. - See I told you they are little things. In fact I could do a whole sub series about things that bug me about people wearing their baseball caps improperly.

In addition to the ear tucking:
  • The flat brim
  • Not taking the tags or labels off
  • Wearing the hat at any other angle on the head except straight ahead or backwards

And don't get me started on the fucking hipster's with the foam front mesh back trucker hats.

Look at this and tell me I'm wrong. How can anyone not want to bitch slap this asshole?

The ear tuck and a trucker hat. That's 2 strikes, Dick!

Random Thoughts - Technology

I just saw an ad online for a new off brand 40" 1080p LED Smart TV for $240 with a $100 gift card for Dell.com. So basically you get a TV for $140 now.

In another ad on the website I see a new 55" LG 4K Smart TV for $700 with a $200 gift card included- shipped free!

I remember back in 2005 I bought my first LED flat screen HDTV. They were fairly new at the time. I bought a Sanyo 32" 720p set and paid a little over $900 after tax.

If someone breaks into your house nowadays, they leave the TV. It's not worth the trouble.


Melania Trump's Plagiarism Scandal - My 2 Cents

Melania Trump
So, the latest "big" news story for the lap dog liberal mainstream media is Melania Trump's speech at the Republican National Convention Monday night. It appears that a couple lines in the speech were a word for word match for a small segment of a speech given by Michelle Obama in 2008.

The mainstream media has gone ape shit over this story as expected. CNN has it in the lead for the past 2 days and will probably lead with it for the rest of the week. Tonight all the late night comedy talk shows are ripping Melania, and Donald Trump by extension, a new one over it. "She Lied! - It's plagiarism! - She stole those lines from our beloved First Lady! - Burn the witch! Burn the witch!"

In all this uproar I haven't heard one political pundit mention a possibility that came to my mind almost immediately. Has anyone considered the possibility that this incident was orchestrated by the Democrats?

Think about it a minute. Melania Trump is from Slovenia. English is not her native tongue. You can tell by hearing her talk that she has a thick accent. I'm sure that despite her original claim that she personally wrote her entire speech that she had plenty of help. In fact what is most likely is that Melania set the outline for the speech- perhaps giving the key points she wanted to make, then a staff member or several staff members wrote and polished the text of the speech for her.

How hard would it be for one of those speech writers to slip the "plagiarized" lines into the speech with the intent of publicly embarrassing Melania and the Trump campaign?

Given the vicious nature of politics today and the "anything it takes to win" attitude of political operatives, especially on the left, I would not put it past the Democrats to have their moles embedded in the Trump campaign with the goal of sabotaging it from within by creating scandals. With the mainstream press willing to take any dirt on the Trumps and make it national news for days, this would be a very effective strategy. 


America- Land Of The Squeaky Wheel

my rants
For those of you who may not be aware,  "squeaky wheel" is derived from the saying "The squeaky wheel gets the grease." If you really are not too bright I'll explain that to you too- the saying means that those who complain get attention.

In my opinion, America has become the land of the squeaky wheel.

Think about it. Everyone here bitches constantly, on a individual level and more importantly in groups. Why? Because technology has allowed anyone to have voice with a potentially world-wide reach. I have a blog that nobody reads (a couple of them actually).  Anyone can post a video that can potentially reach hundreds of millions on YouTube. Anyone can send a message directly to the most powerful people in the world via Twitter  and email, and actually get a response from them. People bitching loudly in groups can get even more attention. Our video and sound bite obsessed press is all too willing to put a camera and microphone in front of any group of more than 3 people with a crudely made sign and a well worn chant.

"What do we want? ( insert cause here ), When do we want it? NOW!"

"No ( insert call for government action to correct a poorly articulated perceived social inequity here ), No Peace!"

The biggest goal of any group of professional whiners is to have a major party elected official or candidate to champion your cause publicly. The Democrats pander to groups like Black Lives Matter, La Raza, Occupy Wall Street, Code Pink, and the like, while the Republicans pander to Evangelical Christians, Pro Life, and Pro 2nd Amendment groups.

One of the newest squeaky wheel groups is one that Donald Trump is responsible for empowering- The Working Class White Male. They have been totally ignored in the past, but their support this election cycle has elevated Trump to the Republican presidential nomination.

trump supporters
The Working Class White Male squeaky wheel demonstrates the power of relatively small special interest groups to exert political influence far beyond their numbers. Like Blacks, who despite making up only 13% of the American population practically dominate liberal politics due to their ability to deliver a dependable solid 90%+ vote to the democrats, the Working Class White Males made up only about 30% of the votes cast in the Republican presidential primaries, yet they voted overwhelmingly for Trump and were the deciding factor in his wins.

Personally I'm getting sick of it all. I'm sick of all the bitching and complaining special little snowflakes out there. Get over yourselves.

Then again, I am "squeaking" about this on a blog- basically doing the opposite of what I'm preaching. Is that hypocritical?


Why America Can't Stop Mass Shootings...

...and why we shouldn't try. 

When mass murders using firearms take place in our society, a funny thing happens. There are usually two different reactions from our society and our government. In general the conservative side tends to blame the murderer while the more liberal progressives tend to blame the gun. Conservatives express sympathy for the victims and look into the motivation of the murderer to find what may have been done to prevent the tragedy. Progressives on the other hand seem to see every tragedy as an opportunity to advance one of their core issues- gun control. Gun control, or more specifically, eroding the Second Amendment with the eventual goal of rendering it useless or destroying it all together.

Some people will say I'm paranoid in this belief. After all Obama and Hillary Clinton keep saying they don't want to destroy the Second Amendment, just put in place some simple "common sense" gun laws. Right?

OK, now on to the title of this post- Why America can't stop mass shootings.

Comparing the U.S. with any other nation in regard to guns and crime is an apples to oranges situation. We are a nation of 350 million or so people from the most diverse backgrounds of any nation in the world. We have all the world's races and religions here along with all their various cultures, values, and belief systems. This diversity has created a uniquely American culture- One that has stressed self reliance and the belief that we all have the unalienable right to defend ourselves and our families from harm. Private ownership of guns by law abiding citizens is part of the core of American culture.

In our huge diverse population, maybe one or two people a year will use a gun to kill in a spree of 3 or more people- aka a 'mass' shooting. This is exempting criminals killing other criminals or acts of terrorism which I believe should not be lumped in the 'mass shooting' category. I'm talking about a lone gunman targeting innocent people. So that's one or two people a year out of 350 MILLION. Is it practical to expect law enforcement to monitor all of us to such a degree that they could identify potential killers and intercede in these cases?

When these events do happen, we need to view them with some perspective. In today's 24/7 news culture, where we can turn on a TV and get live video from almost anywhere in the world, events such as the most recent mass murder in Orlando can seem like an every day occurrence. They're not. The media microscope magnifies these events to the point where we tend to lose track of the big picture.

Viewing the recent Orlando night club shooting with a little perspective, 49 people were killed. A major tragedy, yes, but we also need to realize that EVERY DAY across the country on average more than 38 people are murdered. They were just separate murders in different areas. Also every day 28 people are killed by drunk drivers on the roads, 1500 people die from cancer, etc., etc. I could go on and on but I hope you get the point. Tragedy is a daily fact of life, but it's only the big ones that get the press coverage.

But something must be done, right?
Have your papers ready

The government can't legislate away evil in some people, nor should we want them to try.

Imagine the type of fascist police state we would need to live in for that to happen. It would be an Orwellian nightmare.

Unfortunately it seems many in our society are all too willing to trade our freedoms and constitutional rights away for that warm and fuzzy feeling of a false sense of safety.

You can pass as many laws as you want, even ban all guns outright, but you will still never get all of them. The fact is, all current and proposed new gun laws will do is impede law abiding citizens from getting them.

It's hard to quantify because stats aren't kept on crimes that don't happen, but there is substantial evidence that private ownership of guns saves hundreds if not thousands of lives a year and untold numbers of violent crimes are thwarted due to law abiding citizens being able to use them in self defense. Remember the old saying- "When seconds count, the police are only minutes away."

As for criminals and guns, just look at places like Chicago. They have the strictest gun laws in the country, but the south and west sides are awash in gun violence committed mainly by career criminals who have no legal means of buying guns. Yet they have them. Plenty of them.

Criminals simply don't obey gun laws.

We have to face the fact that in an open and free society as large and diverse as ours we must expect that some people will commit these atrocities on occasion. They will fly under the radar of law enforcement. Friends and family will not see it coming. No matter how vigilant we are at practicing the mantra of "If you see something, say something", it WILL happen.

We can either enjoy our rights and the freedoms we have today in America or trade them in for what would surely become a brutal authoritarian society in a very short time. In my opinion we are already well on the way to that scenario now.


Trump - "I Love The Poorly Educated!"

On Tuesday night after the results of the Nevada caucuses were clear, Trump finally acknowledged his base- The poorly educated:

As I told you in my last post, Donald Trump has managed to whip up the low information voters on the Republican side. Basically these folks are the pickup truck driving, country music listening, Branson Missouri vacationing, Bible thumping, Harley riding, folk. Let's just call them Rednecks for short.


The Republican/Conservative Base Really Are Idiots

   I'm watching the primary results from South Carolina and Nevada tonight and my heart is sinking. It's sinking because the results are confirmation that I was right- right in thinking lately that the majority of people in the country who profess to be conservatives and vote Republican are just plain idiots. The same kind of low information morons who make up the majority of liberal Democrats. Unfortunately there is no difference between the two except who they vote for.

   For most of my life I considered conservatives to be the more intelligent group- especially since I am a conservative and I think I'm smarter than the average jackoff out there. We clearly have the superior platform and vision for the country.

   But this election has turned up the dirty little secret of the Right- we have our share of idiots too. Donald Trump has brought them out of the woodwork like the Pied Piper of morons. With their support, Trump may very well run the table in the rest of the primaries and become the Republican nominee. In that case Hillary wins by a landslide. He simply cannot beat her for many reasons.

Trump is the candidate of idiots
Answer: Because the average voter is a MORON!


Triumph Mocks PC Culture On Campus

Triumph the insult comic dog takes a piss on political correctness at the University Of New Hampshire.

Hilarious video.

I'm amazed that Robert Smigel (Triumph's puppeteer) got away with this. There must not have been any faculty handlers around to stop it. I'm also amazed all these kids stayed for the full treatment. As you can see, many of theme were clearly not amused.